Business Analyze support til Google Analytics

Nu kan du tilføje Google Analytics-data til Business Analyse og bruge disse to stærke værktøjer sammen.

Forbind data, opret rapporter og del indsigt – alt fra din Business Analyze.

Spor webtrafik og andre vigtige forretningsnøgletal – på et sted

Denne nye kapacitet gør det lettere at få adgang til nøgletal for hjemmesiden samtidig med andre nøgletal – samlet i den praktiske Business Analyze-grænseflade.

Topledere, afdelingsledere og andre ikke-markedsførere kan nu få adgang til specifik og meningsfuld netindsigt uden at skulle logge ind på Google Analytics-kontoer, eller navigere rundt i separate analyseværktøjer.

Del webmålinger til kontor-tv-skærme, og opbyg engagement

Webindsigt kan deles via Business Analyse til kontor-tv-skærme, desktops og mobile enheder. Jo flere mennesker der er opmærksomme på web-trafik og adfærd, jo bedre kan de bruge disse oplysninger i deres daglige arbejde.

Mere end 30 dimensioner og nøgletal er tilgængelige

Business Analyse gør Google Analytics-data tilgængelige via Core Reporting API. Forretningsanalyser udviklere, designere og konsulenter kan oprette skræddersyede på følgende dimensioner:

  • Brugere
  • Sessioner
  • Trafikkilder
  • Adwords
  • Målkonverteringer
  • Platform eller enhed
  • Geo-netværk
  • System
  • Sidemålinger
  • Indholdsgruppering
  • Intern søgning
  • Webstedshastighed
  • Appsporing
  • Begivenhedssporing
  • E-handel
  • Sociale interaktioner
  • Bruger-timinger
  • Undtagelser
  • Indholdseksperimenter
  • Tilpassede variabler eller kolonner
  • Tid
  • DoubleClick Campaign Manager
  • Publikum
  • Adsense
  • Publisher
  • Ad Exchange
  • DoubleClick for Publisher-Backfill
  • DoubleClick for Publisher
  • Levetidsværdi og kohorter
  • Kanalgruppering
  • DoubleClick Bid Manager
  • DoubleClick Search

Er du klar til at visualisere dine webstedsdata? Kontakt os på

Business Analyze Webinar

Webinar – Praktisk brug af Business Analyze

Business Intelligence on mobile device

Business Analyze Mobile App now updated on Google Play and App Store

The latest version of Business Analyze mobile app is now available for download on Google Play and App Store.

This release is an update to the existing iOS and Android apps and includes support for 7 new data visualizations.

See also: Full release notes including bug fixes and improvements.

Why this Business Intelligence app?

Business Analyze mobile app provides instant visibility into company-wide KPIs and metrics from the convenience of a mobile device.

This helps business leaders and managers make decisions and drive performance using the latest intelligence available.

With data, insights and KPI-tracking available from convenience of a mobile device, it’s easier to:

  • communicate clear, measurable targets and objectives
  • easily keep up with status
  • gain insight and guide your teams
  • proactively follow-up

KPIs and metrics can be related to sales, revenues, activities, finances, operations, customer experience or other areas that matter most to users.

Rather than having to check in-boxes or rely on others, users can check the app for the latest insights.

The app includes features to help users respond faster and more proactively when new data is available. For example, you can can send, read, reply and follow up discussions about events.

How to get it

All you need is a Business Analyze account to download it and get access to your business data and key metrics.

If you don’t have an account yet, contact us and we’ll set up  a free demo for you.

Podcast: Data-driven Business Performance

In this SuperOffice podcast, Hans Chr. Grønsleth, Director of Digital Customer Experience at SuperOffice discusses data-driven business performance with Einar Gynnild, CEO at  Business Analyze.

You can listen to refreshing stories and gain insight about:

  • measuring business performance and metrics
  • and the rise of new KPIs for recurring revenue businesses
  • the drop in marketing consent after GDPR

The podcast also includes some advice to get you started.

Listen to it here (in English):

Product News: Announcing 7 New Data Visualizations

New maps and charts

Today we are happy to announce 7 new data visualizations in Business Analyze.

New data visualizations are important because they make it easier for businesses to interpret and act on data with greater speed and efficiency.

In addition to various types of gauges, pie charts, bar and line charts, Business Analyze now supports:

  • country and regional maps
  • tree maps
  • heat maps
  • split bubble chart
  • packed bubble chart
  • waterfall diagrams
  • XYZ charts

Each chart type has special capabilities to help users see patterns, spot outliers, and draw conclusions from data faster.

Each chart type has special capabilities to help users see patterns, spot outliers, and draw conclusions from data faster.

Example of XYZ chart showing 3 dimensions.

Create more insightful reports

The new visualizations help companies analyze data for a wider range of business cases and data sets.

The waterfall graph, for example, is particularly useful for companies with recurring revenues. It makes it easier to analyze and predict changes in revenues by graphically presenting inflows and outflows over time. Heat maps on the other hand, make it much easier to show concentration levels at a specific point in time.

– As businesses struggle to keep up with growing amounts of data, the role of business analytics tools is to provide users with faster ways to visualize and consume that data, says Frode Svensson, CTO at Business Analyze.

– This latest product release will help businesses find meaning in data that is difficult to find in any other way.

Example of waterfall visualization with positive and negative values and cumulative sum.


Example of the heat map which uses color-shading to help users quickly pick out high and low levels of activity or events.


The data visualizations are available in Business Analyze (cloud version).

Cloud customers received the update as part of the latest software release.

Note: Customers will likely need to structure data in order to make the visualizations meaningful. If you are used to working with data, you can do this with a Developer license. Our data consultants will also help you. See ‘Services’ or contact Customer Success.

For more release news, please see release notes in our community.

Best technology in the world? 

Business Analyze charting components are based on HighCharts. Highcharts are leaders in charting technology and provide service to world leading companies.